Benefits of the professional electrostimulator

– Greater muscle activation and, therefore, greater contraction of the fibers. Fibers that are not possible to reach with voluntary contractions are reached.
– More endurance. Passive exercise treatments are less tiring, so you can do more repetitions without feeling fatigued.
– Increased strength and muscle mass. This is because it is mainly the muscles that are worked, rather than the joints. Strength and endurance are also improved.
– Minimal risk of injury. With electrostimulation, the risk of suffering an injury is considerably reduced as the exercises are neither complicated nor minimally dangerous.
– Improved vascularization / capillarization. It is demonstrated that this treatment offers an elevation of blood circulation, as well as lymphatic irrigation.- Increased muscle elasticity.
– Elimination of toxins. As with any other type of exercise, muscular exercise is very useful for eliminating toxic substances from the body.
– Muscle relaxation in periods of stress, which leads to a decrease in pain.

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